Confronted since my early childhood with death, chaos and disease, I found myself several years later visiting prisons and detention centers in areas of armed conflict all around the world on behalf of the International Red Cross. From Afghanistan to Bosnia, from Somalia to Kosovo, from Serbia to Ethiopia. For relief I began to express my feelings and emotions through paintings. Very moved by my humanitarian experience in the Balkans, I took Deçan as my artist name, a tribute to a city of western Kosovo – severely damaged during the conflict.

The close contact with war, imprisonment, suffering, torture and isolation nourishes my inspiration. Enhanced mechanisms of resilience developed from childhood crosses the singularity of my work. Self-taught, I paint exclusively with knives and oil paint – without any other device. The physical and instinctive dimensions are the foundations of my artistic process. I am looking for raw and disturbing emotions with only one goal : To allow each one of us to question ourselves on what we are in the very depths of our souls while challenging our own truths.